We are expecting our last foals in 2024. 

It wasn't an easy decision. I don't want to list all the reasons, but the decision comes from the heart and I have to remind myself why I started this horse breeding business, where I put my values, that I stay true to myself and that I always put the horse first. Our stallion and broodmares are not for sale at the moment. If someone is interested in a very special horse, please feel free to contact me. But I will be very selective when it comes to the new home of my breeding horses and  they won't be cheap either.


I am very grateful that I was able to meet so many wonderful people through my horses. However, my journey with my horses does not end here. The horses will continue to work in the healing programs I offer and I will continue to expand this area. I am in the process of building an alternative healing center.  Soon light treatments and healing through vibrations and sound will be added.  Guided meditations and grounding sessions, acupressure therapy and much more. After working in the background in this field for so many years, I am thrilled that I will be able to offer my clients this in the future. Please come back and check it out.

More on that coming soon !!!!!!



91.02% Foundation Quarter Horse

Located in Minnesota

We do not stand to the public anymore.


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