Come out to Horse Wisdom to meet the herd
and spend time with our horses in a beautiful natural setting.
Find out more about HSP and Horses! 

Ask Birgit for directions and to reserve your spot as space is limited.

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) will join four to seven horses on the ground (not riding) who are specially trained for this work,

Horses come with as many different personalities, attitudes and sensitivities as HSPs. But because they are prey animals, their acute awareness of everything in their environment keeps them alive. Sensitivity is their greatest asset. They have to be extremely sensitive to each other’s shifting feelings and to everything around them. HSPs will experience their own sensitivity in a new and deeper way by seeing it in another species, where it is a distinct advantage. We might also observe circumstances in which, for horse or human, sensitivity becomes a problem, especially when overstimulated.

Interacting with horses provides the opportunity to gain fresh, honest awareness of our truths. They give us the chance to learn what is profoundly difficult to learn from our human relationships because, unlike most people, horses have no agenda, and they don’t care about our power, position, title, degree, or salary.

Besides their being prey animals and highly sensitive in order to survive, horses are powerful, beautiful animals. They carry archetypal meanings, from conquest, brute strength, and even terror, to gentle, loving companionship and trustworthy partnership. Many HSPs especially appreciate horses at this level. At the same time, horses are social, love to play, and are always completely honest in their reactions and behavior, things HSPs can always learn more about.

On another note, at least in the introductory course you will also be in an only-HSPs environment for a day, which is always empowering. (We will tell you if a workshop will include a non-HSP—for example, a spouse.) Inevitably, you will find that you are working on issues common to other HSPs, such as confidence, leadership, teamwork with other HSPs, clear communication, and anxiety about whether you could be hurt or are “doing it right.”



please call or e-mail to set up your private session
 Tamarack Area, Minnesota only 45 minutes from Duluth