91.02% Foundation Quarter Horse
6 panel negative
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This stallion has it all. Bred and built for versatility. Ideal blend of cow and run. Perfect cross on running bred mares. Kind, intelligent, pretty. He will passes on his good looks and disposition to his offspring. Foals will be smart, beautiful, willing to learn and easy to market.

A red roan Stallion with perfect conformation. He is a Grandson of High Rolling Roany and goes back to
"Old Tom Cat" , "Red Man""Doc Bar" , "King" and "Vanzi Bar".

He is the last stud colt out of "Tammy Zee Slash"
Make sure to check out her pedigree too.
She was a very old foundation breeding.


Sire: High Rolling Lucky

   Dam: Tammy Zee Slash


 "DXB High Rolling Sun" ancestors 

"Doc's Jack Frost"    
Stallion Show Record for Doc's Jack Frost:
NCHA money-earner
Performance Point Earner

Stallion Offspring Record for Doc's Jack Frost
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NCHA Money-earners
NSBA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners

Outstanding Offspring for Doc's Jack Frost
Drop Of Frost, LTE WCH-$1,230                                                         view pedigree here

Sire "High Rolling Lucky"        

view pedigree here



The open, windswept country between Melstone, Montana and the Missouri Breaks north of Winnett, Montana is cow country and is best traveled horseback. It takes a special type of horse to pack a man and work a cow on this range and for years folks thereabout knew the very best came from Bob Shelhamer and Bub Nunn.Nunn says he was “wanting a Hancock horse pretty bad” when he went to a Jayne Harris horse sale in Recluse, Wyoming in 1985. A stranger approached him and pointed at one big roan weanling. “That’s the only stud colt ever saved out of Roan Prairie,” the man said. “I picked up Cheyenne on Roan Prairie and he was the best pickup horse I ever rode.” The colt had been consigned to the sale by noted breeder Roy Cleveland and was named “High Rolling Roany.”
Bub Nunn had his Hancock horse.
Nona and Bub Nunn with a 
photograph of High Rolling Roany

Quarter Horse History as Reported by Larry Thornton. High Rolling Roany

Apr 12, 2013 by

Your Working Horse Magazine is honored to feature the articles Written by the famous quarter Horse Chronicler, Larry Thornton.

Our soon to be Published May-June edition will feature another of Larry Thornton’s articles. This one focuses on the big, beautiful Stallion, High Rollin Roany

The following are some excerpts of the history written as only Larry Thornton can:

As we look at the history of the quarter horse, we see that this has been going on for a long time. We have seen success breed success with legendary breeders like Hank Wiescamp, Warren Shoemaker and Coke Roberds.
Coke Roberds started it with his use of, and success with horses like Old Fred, Peter McCue and King Plaudit, the thoroughbred. Then Warren Shoemaker built his breeding program around these famous and successful horses. He used his stallions Nick, Gold Mount and Nugget McCue S that all carried the blood of the Coke Roberds horses.

Then we see that many of the foundation horses of Roberds and Shoemaker were very prominent in the Wiescamp bred horses. Horses like Nick Shoemaker, Skipper W, Miss Helen, Santa Maria and so on down the line have ties to these two great breeders. These breeders were taking what was successful and perpetuating it and even making it better.

We are seeing a similar scenario with the blood of a ranch stallion named High Rolling Roany. We see his offspring and descendants in several ranch breeding programs. They include the Gene and Jan Hetletved of Hetletved Quarter Horses, Ray Beecher; Quentin Taylor and the Cowboy Confluence of Lynne Taylor and John Moore. These breeders have seen this line of horses do their duty as ranch and rodeo horses, and they like what they have seen. So they have implemented this line into their breeding programs finding that success can breed success.

High Rolling Roany was a stallion that seems to have come out of nowhere to be the foundation sire for Bub and Nona Nunn of Miles City, Montana.

The story of Bub Nunn and High Rolling Roany has a modest beginning. Here is what he recently told me, “Jayne Harris of Gillette, Wyoming was having a quarter horse sale. They were mostly Hancock’s and I was wanting to get more Hancock into my horses. So I went down to the sale. She was selling mostly baby colts with a few mare and colt pairs.”

He continued, “I bought what I thought would be the best stud prospects. I bought one colt with its mother and I bought two singles and one of the singles was this big ole colt, High Rolling Roany.”

“Roany caught your eye right away. He was in a pen of stud colts and he would stand alone all the time. He was a little bigger than the rest of the colts and he would stay off in the corner by himself. I had already bought two others and so when he came in the ring, I bought him thinking that out of the three I might get a stud of some kind.”

Bub continued with what happened next, “When I sold my ranch, I had to sell most of my stock, but I kept my mares and this big yearling. We had moved here to Miles City. A fella over at Harden was going to calve some 800 first calf heifers and I helped him. I had just started riding the big colt. So I took him with me and I rode him at least every other day and I could see he was really picking things up.”

“Then I bred him to my mares. When I got that first crop of colts, I knew I had something pretty good. They all looked alike and they all acted like Roany,” noted Bub talking about the kind of colt his new stud was siring.

 "HIGH ROLLING ROANY"   view pedigree here 


"Roan Prairie"   Roan Prairie          


Red Man
      Red Man was without a doubt, one of the best sons of the great Joe Hancock. He was foaled in 1935 at the Burnett Ranches in a West Texas blizzard. The resulting frostbite cropped about 2/3 of his ears off. Byrne James, a professional baseball player for the New York Giants, purchased him as a yearling and took him to his ranch near Encinal, Texas. Red Man was ridden by James Kenny as a three-year old and then sold to Balis Harris and spent the next few years taking him and other great ropers of the time to the pay window, including Ike Rude, Troy Fort and Buckshot Sorrels, to name a few. Sorrels won the calf roping at Cheyenne Frontier Days on Red Man in 1943.
Some of Red Man's most famous get include: Wampus Kitty, Worryman, John Red, Johnny Cake, all with racing ROM's and track records to their credit; Apache Agent, racing ROM, futurity and handicap winner, who outran Mr. Bar None, World Champion running stallion; Booger Red with NCHA earnings of $51,324; Lady Hur, NCHA money earner and open performance ROM; Red Wood Man, open performance ROM; Cibecue Roan, open performance ROM and 1965 High Point Steer Roping Stallion. Red Man's 125 AQHA registered get accumulated 119 halter and performance points, 20 race or performance ROM's, over $85,400 in earnings plus an enormous unknown amount in arena earnings. Among the last dozen of registered foals Red Man was to sire, Blue Valentine would establish a ranch and arena horse legacy in his own right.    

Red Man is one of the greatest Sires of Cow Horses in history as well as stakes winners on the race track.
red man sired many great horses, including Blue Valentine, Booger Red and Apache Agent.
Inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame.


King, often known as King P-234 (1932–1958) was an outstanding early Quarter Horse stallion who influenced the breed throughout the early years of the American Quarter Horse Association (or AQHA).


1958 Roan Stallion
100% Foundation
Red Man  x Miss Linwood
55,5 AQHA perf. Points
AQHA Steer roping Champion
Sire of Roan Reairie

view pedigree here


LIGHTNING BAR 0037566; 1951; Sorrel; (Three Bars (TB) x Della P);


Stallion Show Record for LIGHTNING BAR
Hall of Fame
AQHA Champion
Race money-earner
ROM Performance

Stallion Offspring Record for LIGHTNING BAR
Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Race ROM Offspring
Race Money-earners


Outstanding Offspring for LIGHTNING BAR
Cactus Comet, AAA; AQHA Champion
Doc Bar, AQHA Hall of Fame
Light Bar, AAA, '60 Co-Champion Qrt Running 3-Yr-Old
Lightning Belle, $60,134 RC
Lightning Rey, AAA; Supreme Champion; Superior HLT; 50 HLT, 93.5 Perf Pts., AQHA Champion
Pana Bar, AAA; AQHA Champion; 51 RC, 52 HLT, 41 Perf Pts. (RN, WP, TR)

view pedigree here

OLD TOM CAT 0085260; 1958; Sorrel; (ROBIN REED x Little Meow);


Stallion Show Record for OLD TOM CAT
AQHA Champion
Race money-earner
ROM Performance

Stallion Offspring Record for OLD TOM CAT
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
Race ROM Offspring
NCHA Money-earners
Race Money-earners


Outstanding Offspring for OLD TOM CAT
Cat A Go Go, 18 HLT & 20 Perf. Pts., '68 AQHA Champ
Cat A Kin, si 92, 6 wins, $4,993 RC;, '71 RC ROM
Catcha Cat, $6,364 RC
Catechu Kitty, 208 HLT Pts., '73 Superior HLT
De Bar Cat, 16 HLT & 12 Perf. Pts., '76 AQHA Champ.
Debby's Top Cat, 24 HLT & 13 Perf. Pts., '67 AQHA Champ
Kitty Dabber, 31 HLT & 19.5 Perf. Pts., '66 AQHA Champ.
Mr Hepcat, 30 HLT & 15 Perf. Pts., '72 AQHA Champ.
Old Tom Cat One, 18 HLT & 15 Perf. Pts., '67 AQHA Champ.
Twice Tom, 17 HLT & 295 Perf. Pts., '81 Superior TR
Win I Can, 157 HLT & 82 Perf. Pts., '74 Superior HLT

view pedigree here

Doc Bar
0076136; 1956; Chestnut; (LIGHTNING BAR x Dandy Doll);





Stallion Show Record for Doc Bar
Hall of Fame
Race money-earner
Halter Point Earner

Stallion Offspring Record for Doc Bar
Hall of Fame Offspring:
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
AQHA High Point Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners


Outstanding Offspring for Doc Bar
Aledo Doc Bar, 12 Perf. Pts.; $8,324.68-NCHA
Bar Mist, 39 HLT & 78.5 Perf. Pts., '67 AQHA Champ.
Bearly Doc, 2 Perf. Pts.; $100,820.75-NCHA, '83 O 2nd NCHA World Champ.
Boon Bar, 6 Perf. Pts.; $12,325.19-NCHA
Cal Bar, 21 Perf. Pts.; $10,426.84-NCHA, Cow Horse Hall of Fame
Doc A Chex, $94,308.94-NCHA
Doc A Lock, 28 Perf. Pts.; $34,301.48-NCHA
Doc Bar Gem, 19 Perf. Pts.; $8,683.78-NCHA
Doc Bar Linda, 77 HLT, 460 Perf. Pts.; '72 Y Sup HLT, SAH, WHO, & HUS;, '72 Y World Champ. HUS; '72 AQHA Cham; Dam of Topsail Cody
Doc Bunnell, 1 HLT & 27 Perf. Pts.; $18,436.57-NCHA
Doc City, 7 Perf. Pts.; $5,247.80
Doc Holiday, 7 Perf. Pts.; $7,214.81-NCHA
Doc Holliday, 22 HLT & 121 Perf. Pts., '72 Superior WP; '73 AQHA Champ.
Doc Hollywood, 1 HLT & 13 Perf. Pts.; $9,373.75-NCHA
Doc Jensen, $16,204.34-NCHA
Doc Luck Bar, 25 Perf. Pts.; $26,553.10-NCHA
Doc N Missy, 18 Perf. Pts.; $109,786.89-NCHA, NCHA earner of $68,865; '81 NCHA Res World Champ.
Doc O'Lena, 2 Perf. Pts.; $21,991.93-NCHA; '70 NCHA Futurity Champion, '97 AQHA Hall of Fame
Doc Quixote, '73 NCHA Non Pro Futurity Champion
Doc Solis, 25 HLT & 15 Perf. Pts.;, '79 AQHA Champ.
Doc T Bar, 7 Perf. Pts.; $39,049.62 NCHA earnings; COA, Bronze, Silver, '83 9th World Show O CUT
Doc Tari, 2 Perf. Pts.; $16,942.29-NCHA
Doc Wilson, 28 Perf. Pts.; $121,955.93-NCHA, NCHA earner of $121,191; NCHA Hall of Fame member
Docs Acey Deucey, 15 HLT & 49 Perf. Pts., '81 AQHA Champ.
Docs Albacore, 1 Perf. Pts.; $34,127 LTE-CUT
Doc's Bar Boy, 19 HLT & 31 Perf. Pts.; $95.98-NCHA, '73 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Bar Girl, 207 HLT & 65 Perf. Pts.; $1,458.09-NCHA, '66 Superior HLT; '67 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Bar Lady, 167 HLT & 15 Perf. Pts., '65 Superior HLT; '68 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Benito Bar, 26 HLT & 12.5 Perf. Pts., '68 AQHA Champion
Doc's Blue Frost, 9 HLT & 20 Perf. Pts.; $12,526.70-NCHA
Doc's Blue Lou, 2 HLT & 4 Perf. Pts.; $5,064.71-NCHA
Docs Budha, 3 HLT & 38 Perf. Pts.; $86,401.36-NCHA
Doc's Chardonnay, 20 HLT & 70 Perf. Pts., '77 Superior WP; '78 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Classy Ann, 309 HLT & 561 Perf. Pts., Superior TR, Show., HLT, WR, WP; AQHA Champ.; 2X
Doc's Coyote, 18 Perf. Pts.; $78,091.17-NCHA
Doc's Dandy Doll, 18 HLT, 79 Perf. Pts., '77 O Superior CUT; '73 Y World Champ. CUT
Doc's Dee Bar, 170 HLT & 273 Perf. Pts., '65 Superior HLT; '67 AQHA Champ.; '69 Superior WP
Doc's Dikdik, 138.5 HLT & 246.5 Perf. Pts.;, '73 Superior HLT; '76 Superior WP; '89 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Dry Martini, $14,257.33-NCHA
Doc's Dulce Bar, 30 Perf. Pts.; $47,090.31-NCHA
Docs Fancy Feat, 14 Perf. Pts.; $9,860.66-NCHA
Doc's Fox, 13 Perf. Pts.; $46,803.79-NCHA
Doc's Goldielocks, 15 HLT & 17 Perf. Pts.; $18,365.86-NCHA
Docs Haida, 17 HLT, 97 Perf. Pts.; $67,305.72-NCHA, '80 AQHA Champ.; '79 O Superior CUT; '79 Y World Champ. WP & CUT
Doc's Handy Andy, 18 Perf. Pts.; $11,996.58-NCHA, `
Doc's Handyman, 3 Perf. Pts.; $4,622.53-NCHA
Docs Hickory, 42 Perf. Pts., '78 O Hi. Pt. CUT
Doc's Hotrodder, 119 HLT, 26.5 Perf Pts.; $389.62-NCHA, '68 AQHA Champion; '67 Superior HLT
Doc's Jack Frost, si 74, 0 wins, $125-RC; 8 Perf. Pts.; $5,078.16-NCHA
Doc's Kitty, 2 HLT & 3 Perf. Pts.; $23,546.17-NCHA
Doc's Leo Lad, 8 Perf. Pts.; $13,346.29-NCHA
Doc's Little Bit, 5 HLT & 10 Perf. Pts.; $12,766.22-NCHA
Doc's Loblolly, Dam of NCAH Offspring earnings of $236,148.84
Doc's Lynx, $9,856.09-NCHA
Doc's Madrone, 5 HLT & 22 Perf. Pts.; $13,335.11-NCHA
Doc's Mai Tai, 29.5 Perf. Pts.; $18,500.33-NCHA
Doc's Marmoset, 24 Perf. Pts.; $94,066.22-NCHA, '81 NCHA World Champ.; '74 O World Champ. Jr. CUT
Doc's Misty Morn, 17 Perf. Pts.; $5,361.14-NCHA
Doc's Music Bar, 46 Perf. Pts.; $75,918.15-NCHA
Doc's Nanaimo, 14 Perf. Pts.; $8,292.94-NCHA
Doc's Nimpkish, 20 Perf. Pts.; $20,425.31-NCHA
Doc's Oak, 27 Perf. Pts.; $70,997.95-NCHA, NCHA Hall of Fame
Docs Otoetta, 3 Perf. Pts.; $183,033.81-NCHA, NCHA World Champ. Non-pro
Doc's Play Mate, 1 Perf. Pts.; $39,875.48-NCHA, '78 O NCHA World Champ.; NCHA Hall of Fame
Doc's Pop Up, 7 Perf. Pts.; $5,288.79-NCHA
Doc's Prescription, Offspring earning over 8,600 AQHA points & over $2,400,000 in NCHA LTE
Doc's Remedy, 1 HLT & 7 Perf. Pts.; $47,453.10-NCHA
Docs Rey Jay, 4 Perf. Pts.; $16,565.62-NCHA
Docs Robyn Hood, 1 Perf. Pts.; $8,655.26-NCHA
Docs Serpendipity, $30,173.09-NCHA
Doc's Shasta, 10 Perf. Pts.; $8,277.17-NCHA
Doc's Simple Simon, 8.5 Perf. Pts.; $32,860.83-NCHA
Docs Star Chex, 3 HLT & 12 Perf. Pts.; $64,189.93-NCHA
Doc's Starlight, 60 Perf. Pt., Superior CUT; $134,442.30 NCHA dollars, Awards: COA, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, NCHA Hall of Fame
Doc's Steady Date, 71 Perf. Pts.; $25,338.61-NCHA, '82 Superior CUT
Docs Sugs Brudder, 27 HLT 7 26 Perf. Pts.; $7,273.66-NCHA, '80 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Sunshine, 199 HLT & 378 Perf. Pts., Superior HUS, HLT, Show., WP,; AQHA Champ. 2X
Doc's Sweet Sue, 24 HLT & 162 Perf. Pts.; $321.32-NCHA, '73 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Tami Bar, 58 HLT Pts.; $62,75-NCHA, '67 Superior HLT
Doc's Tassajara, 94 Perf. Pts.; $34,877.90-NCHA, '73 Superior CUT
Doc's Tehama, 4 Perf. Pts.; $4,105.94-NCHA
Docs Tin Lizzie, 24 Perf. Pts.; $65,699.05-NCHA
Doc's Tlell, 35 Perf. Pts.; $26,531.82-NCHA
Doc's Tlingit, 27 Perf. Pts.; $23,144.46-NCHA
Docs Tom Cat, 20 HLT & 36 Perf. Pts., '81 AQHA Champ.
Doc's Tulare, 14 Perf. Pts.; $7,786.29-NCHA
Doc's Twister, 34 Perf. Pts.; $25,462.57-NCHA
Doc's Willi Winki, $13,326.53-NCHA
Doc's Wrangler, 19 Perf. Pts.; $43,388.59-NCHA
Docs Yuba Lea, 7 Perf. Pts.; $25,666 LTE-CUT
Docs Zimfandel, 16 HLT, 21 Perf. Pts.; $198.70-NCHA, '79 O AQHA Champ.; '78 O World Champ. Jr. CUT
Doctor Montoya, 8 Perf. Pts.; $7,470.28-NCHA
Dry Doc, 96 Perf. Pts.; $85,148.16-NCHA, NCHA Hall of Fame; '74 Res. World Champ. SR CUT; '75 Superior CUT
Especial, 35 HLT & 54 Perf. Pts.; $4,849.95-NCHA, '79 AQHA Champ.
Fancy Doc, 19 HLT & 16 Perf. Pts., '81 AQHA Champ.
Fizzabar, 11 HLT & 114 Perf Pts.; $50,841.75-NCHA, '67 O Superior CUT; Awards: COA, Bronze, Silver, NCHA Hall of Fame
Gambling Doc Bar, 12 Perf. Pts.; $41,147.71-NCHA
Gay Doc, 19 Perf. Pts.; $24,717.58-NCHA
Genuine Doc, 55 Perf. Pts.; $31,350 LTE-CUT, '85 Superior CUT; '85 Res. World Champ. Sr. CUT
Gray Bar Doc, 43 HLT & 107 Perf. Pts., '71 AQHA Champ.
Handle Bar Doc, 45 Perf. Pts.; NCHA LTE: $164,133.26, NCHA World Champ; NCHA Hall of Fame
Janey Durante, 2 HLT, 137 Perf. Pts., '77 Y World Champ. WCH
Janie Bar, 113 HLT & 66 Perf. Pts.; $10,560.37-NCHA, '67 AQHA Champ.; '72 Superior CUT; '64 Superior HLT
Jax Doc, 5 Perf. Pts.; $12,745.32-NCHA
Lena's Sis, 11 Perf. Pts.; $6,239.47-NCHA
Mansilla Bar, 26 HLT & 16 Perf. Pts., '66 AQHA Champ.;
Mitza Bar, 7 Perf. Pts.; $27,050.04
Moon Doc, 13 Perf. Pts.; $15,616.05-NCHA
Mr Senbar, 51 Perf. Pts.; $14,753.65-NCHA, '80 Superior CUT
Nu Bar, 33 Perf. Pts; $16,539.08-NCHA, '74 O Res. World Champ. Jr. CUT
Padre Pop, 2 Perf. Pts.; $7,731.27-NCHA
Pegasus H Bar, 70 Perf. Pts., '69 Superior TR
Professor's Alibi, 2 HLT & 16 Perf. Pts.; $5,192.05-NCHA
Really Really Real, 77 Perf. Pts.; $4,383.44-NCHA, '83 Superior CUT
Son Ofa Doc, 41 Perf. Pts.; $18,786.41-NCHA, '82 Res. World Champ. Sr. CUT

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Silver King
0000183; 1937; Bay; (Old Sorrel x Clegg Mare No 3 (U));



Silver King was a Quarter Horse stallion bred by King Ranch in Texas. He was born in 1937 and was bay in colour. ROM sire, AQHA Champion sire. AQHA #183.

Stallion Offspring Record for Silver King
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners


Outstanding Offspring for Silver King
Baldy Silver, 22 HLT & 23.5 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion; Perf ROM
Bud Turner, 5 HLT & 14 Perf Pts.; '60 1st High Pt. BR Gelding; Perf ROM
Davril, si 95, 13 wins, $9,958 RC; Superior RC

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0028978; 1949; Sorrel; (Leo x Sue Reed);


Stallion Show Record for ROBIN REED
Superior Performance, '53 Race
Race money-earner
ROM Performance, '51 Race

SI: 100; Race: $11,226; Wins: 12; Win Names: '51 1st Southwestern Fut - $1,705; '52 2nd Rocky MT QHA Derby - $1,215; '51 3rd Rocky MT QHA Fut - $1,413;

Stallion Offspring Record for ROBIN REED
AQHA Champion Offspring
Race ROM Offspring
Halter Point Earners



Other Information for ROBIN REED
'53 Equal Track RCD BM 350 18.100

Outstanding Offspring for ROBIN REED
Old Tom Cat, 30 HLT Pts.
Robin's Mame, si 95, 1 win, $1,358 Race
She Kitty, AAAT; AQHA Champion, '61 Champion Qrt Running 2-Yr-Olds

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Sunup H

0009258; 1945; Bay; (King x Stifle);


Stallion Offspring Record for Sunup H
Halter Point Earners
Performance Point Earners


Outstanding Offspring for Sunup H
Magnolia Dunny, 143 HLT & 134.5 Perf Pts.; AQHA Champion, Superior HLT & Performance

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