Helping people with emotional challenges

Equine therapy has become one of the most beneficial and cost- effective programs for today’s Youth at Risk. To think that millions of emotionally wounded teenagers can get a second chance at a healthy and meaningful life is heartwarming. The idea that this can be achieved from a breakthrough in self-awareness that occurred from simply interacting with a horse is extraordinary.

Horses don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or what you believe. They care only about how you behave with them. This enables them to give unconditional acceptance to a troubled teen who is revealing his or her true self. This acceptance creates a feeling of self-worth, which can often be hard to obtain with the typical rehabilitation methods of traditional psychotherapy and/ or prescription drugs.

We are proud to introduce innovative new programs to support healing through equine assisted activities. The healing effect of interactions with horses is becoming recognized by the medical field as a valuable tool in the recovery from emotional trauma to the body, experience depression, fear or isolation.

"Take the first step, treat yourself as you would a loved one. Be kind, be gentle and practice non-judgment with yourself. We can be our own worst enemy or we can turn to love and kindness and be our own best friend. We've got this, you and I" 

Birgit Schwartzenberger is incorporating Horse Wisdom into existing and new equine-based curricula which
will include yoga, visualization and guided meditations.


Birgit Schwartzenberger is the first in the region to develop this life-changing therapy specifically for this demographic.

This program is open to all, regardless of equine experience.