Some years back I bought my first Newfoundland Dog and if I only would know how wonderful this dogs are, I would have Newfoundland's right from the beginning. 

But how can you know if you never had a other breed. I enjoy all my dogs and this includes 1 blue and 1 red heeler , 1 purebred Hungarian Kuvasz , 1 Kuvasz/Newfoundland cross and my beautiful two Newfoundland's Simon and Pepper. 


Simon my beautiful gentleman and Pepper  the queen of the house (both are registered with the AKC) are the only dogs  not fixed on my place

and when natural calls....

they will have some wonderful and healthy little puppies this year.

I will update this page as soon as I know Pepper will be a mom. I will post updated Pictures when the puppies are born and how they growing.

This puppies will be for sell when they are 6 - 8 weeks old, registered with the AKC, there first shots, first deworming and a vet check to make sure you get a healthy puppy. The puppies will be exposed to all kinds of animals like cats, other dogs, chicken, horses so they not afraid of there surroundings.

If you are interest in a puppy and like to be on the waiting list please contact  directly at You can also join the mailing list or contact me with any question you may have..  Simon and Pepper are on Facebook and you can find them by clicking  here: Simon, Pepper and Co.

Stop by sometimes again... just to see new pictures or some news abound Simon and Pepper.



Before you buy please make sure to get a lot of information about this wonderful gentle Giants .

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